Guideline Prices

Basic Charges:

We offer an initial free search of the indexes, which enables us to establish whether or not we can trace your ancestor based on the information you have provided. Once the search has been carried out, we will advise you by e-mail of the results of this initial search. 

Thereafter, our charges are £20 per hour, £69 sterling per half-day, £139 sterling per full day. This includes the daily charge for accessing the Scottish Record Office (currently £10), but not the price of obtaining copies of certificates, which will be provided for you at cost only if you require them. Alternatively, you can set us a maximum limit, and we will e-mail or post you the results of our search and await further instructions.

Most clients employ us for an initial half day or full day search. We provide full verbatim transcripts of all relevant certificates and census records examined (thereby saving you the cost of purchasing copies of the certificates. Currently, photocopies of birth certificates up to 1908, marriage certificates up to 1933, and death certificates up to 1958, can be ordered at a cost of 50 pence each.  More recent certificates are ‘certified- ie official copies embossed with a seal, and cost £8 sterling each).

We also provide advice on likely fruitful extensions to the search. Of course, it is entirely up to you whether or not to extend it.

If the search requires travel outwith Edinburgh, transport costs are extra. Contact us in advance for an estimate.

You can either contact us by completing an enquiry form (just click on the 'Detailed Enquiry' button at the bottom of the page), or by writing to us :

June Innes,  13 Bramdean Rise    Edinburgh  EH10 6JTScotland., or by e-mail to

Payment may be made by credit card using the Paypal system, or by sterling or US dollar cheque, or by International Money Order.  Details will be sent to you on confirmation of your order.

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The cost of tracing your ancestors is dependent on a number of factors

·         How much detail you are able to provide

·         The accuracy of the details!

·         How common the surname is

o        Tracing MacDonalds on Skye or Frasers in Aberdeenshire tends to take more time than an unusual surname!

·         The dates involved - From 1855 to the present day, the records for births, deaths and marriages are generally complete and usually, but not always, reliable. Prior to this date, the records for births and marriages (but not deaths) were dependent on the efficiency and enthusiasm of the local Church of Scotland officer for recording the details, and the care taken to preserve the registers from damp and vermin. Consequently, the information is variable in completeness and accuracy, and often requires verification from other sources.

Visits to graveyards, such as this one at Oyne, in Aberdeenshire, can provide invaluable information for the ancestor-hunter. Not only did this one give details of births and dates of death, but also information about emigration and clues which enabled grandchildren to be identified

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