Some Suggested Reading

Some books to help you in your search

The following booklist is by no means complete, but will give you a flavour of what is available as an introduction to Scottish genealogical research, and to a broad understanding of the influences that bore on your ancestors.

Cecil Sinclair, Tracing your Scottish Ancestors (Mercat Press ISBN 0114958653) A very useful  'official' guide to the range of sources available in General Register House, how to look them up, and what you can expect (or, rather, hope) to find. Order from Bookpages
Alwyn James, Scottish Roots (ISBN 0854110666) An up-to-date guide to using the facilities in New Register House and to make use of the libraries and museums throughout Scotland. Written in a very 'accessible' and personal style, this book is highly recommended for the beginner. Order from Bookpages
Kathleen Cory, Tracing your Scottish Ancestry (ISBN 0748662154) A practical guide, full of hints and advice. Among the appendices is a list of addresses of useful contacts, a list of all the Scottish parishes and counties, and the dates of the earliest OPR and testament records. Order from Bookpages
Gerald Hamilton-Edwards, In Search of Scottish Ancestry (ISBN 0850335132) A 'standard text' for genealogists searching the Scottish records. A comprehensive, accessible guide. Order from Bookpages
David Moody, Scottish Family History (ISBN 0713457244) A broad approach to Scottish family history. More useful, perhaps, as a background reader for someone tracing their roots, it gives a concise summary of how social and economic changes to the lives of working people have influenced migration and demographic changes.  
T.M. Devine, The Scottish Nation 1700-2000 (ISBN 0140230041) A 'modern' history of Modern Scotland, it overviews the development of Scotland in the last 3 centuries from a broad perspective of social, economic and political history, and explains the influence of religious, industrial and cultural changes that have shaped contemporary Scotland. An 'academic' text that is highly readable and readily accessible. Order from Bookpages



A more detailed reading list is provided at if these books have whetted your appetite to find out more about Scotland and the Scots.



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