Scottish Census 1841-1901

The Census was carried out on the following dates:

7th June 1841

3rd April 1871

31st March 1851

4th April 1881

8th April 1861

5th April 1891

31st March 1901


Depending on the census year, varying information was recorded:

1841 Census

  • Names of all persons resident in the house
  • Ages. (NOTE: These were rounded down to the nearest 5.  i.e. 20-24 was given as 20, 25-29 as 25 etc)
  • Occupation
  • Whether or not born in the county (Y or N)

1851-1901 Census

  • Names of all persons in the house
  • Exact ages
  • Relationship to the head of the household
  • Occupations
  • Parishes of birth, if born in Scotland. Otherwise country of birth

At various stages, certain other details were recorded, such as medical conditions (deaf & dumb, blind, mental disability etc), the number of windows in the house, and whether the person was a Gaelic speaker.


        Old genealogists never die - they only lose their Census!


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